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Guides > Billy121only > Win Only Or Each Way Betting?

Article written by Billy121only

Is Each Way Betting Bad?
So is Each-way betting always a bad idea? No, betting is never that simple!

Consider the following mythical 8 runner field;

Odds of runners - 1/8, 18/1 and the other 6 runners at 100/1 - a 100% book.

If this race was run 100 times; by chance alone, the 18/1 chance will win roughly 5 races, finish second on 42 occasions, third on 27 occasions, and finish unplaced in the remaining 2 races. (Believe me - you do not want me to go into the maths of this)!

If we have a £10 each way on the 18/1 shot in all 100 races, then we risk £2,000. However, our returns are as follows;

1st 5 times = Return of £236 x 5 = £1,180

2nd 42 times = Return of £46 x 42 = £1,932

3rd 26 times = Return of £46 x 26 = £1,196

(18/1 x 1/5 the odds = 18/5 or 3.6/1)

A total return of £4,308 for a £2,000 stake - a profit of £2,308!

The above illustrates that e/w betting can actually be very favourable to the punter under certain conditions. Other examples include handicaps of 16+ runners where the each-way terms would be 1/4 the odds for the top 4 places.

Often, I place a win bet on Betfair and lay off in running at a pre-determined price. Then perhaps I might lay in running to ensure a good profit should the horse win and eliminate any losses should the horse lose. This is beyond the scope of my daily on-line tips but it is something I am writing about soon. It is a useful way of enjoying the benefits of each way betting with better long term value.

I hope this is helpful!

Best regards,



Article written by Billy121only


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