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Guides > Billy121only > Win Only Or Each Way Betting?

Article written by Billy121only

Each way betting is actually a bad idea mathematically. In a 7 horse race, if a bookie is paying 1/4 the odds 1, 2 then if each horse was 6/1 then the bookie would take 14 points and pay out 12 points assuming a theoretical balanced book, a 29% bigger profit margin than the win market which would pay out all 14 points. Again, 1/5 odds in a 15 runner novice hurdle assuming each horse is 14/1 pays out 26.4 pts for each 28 points taken. In a handicap of 16 runners or more, there are 4 places and at 1/4 the odds the bookies advantage is vastly reduced and if the book is only slightly over-round there are circumstances when it can actually favour the punter. Suppose three 8 runner races whereby the fav was long odds on, then an e/w treble on the second fav may pay out more than the true odds suggest it should. However, in general, e/w bets lose a bigger proportion of the stakes placed than win bets.

Having said all that, I reasonably often advise an e/w bet on my selections - especially in handicaps. The reason for this is that as I am appyling the concept of value to my selections, the mathematical disadvantage is eroded by the perceived value in the odds on offer. Coupled with the fact that I expect my selection to run above its market position, regardless of where it finishes, my long term results show that backing my selections each way has proved an asset over time. Let's look at some examples;

By reading this article you agree that you are solely responsible for any profit, risk, or loss that may be incurred as a result of any bet you may place.


Article written by Billy121only


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