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Tips ROI
Points Profit
(90 Days)
1. -Firenze-   109 55% 8 30% 60.42
2. -Logix-   40 133% 21 20% 53.24
3. Bestbet_Online_Aces   430 6% 13 39% 24.42
All bets placed at your own risk | Profits @ Betfair SPs
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Call Charges
The phone numbers displayed on this website with regard to the supply of horse racing tips are all premium rate phone numbers costing 1.50 per minute. 1.50 is the minimum call charge. You should always consult the bill payer before calling a premium rate phone number.

Info Provided in Calls
Each tip supplied on our premium rate phone numbers will contain the name of the horse being tipped, the race course name, the time of the race and any supplemental information provided by the tipster.

Length of Phone Calls
The length of any particular phone call may vary. However, the first tip will be provided inside the first minute.

Why did I get tips from the wrong tipster?
At Tipping League we try to make sure that whenever you call a tipping line you aren't disappointed. Some tipsters provide tips every day whereas other tipsters are quite selective and provide tips less frequently. If you call a tipping line where the tipster has not made any selections, rather than leaving an out of date message on the line we use the tip from our current best performing tipster. This makes sure that whenever you call a Tipping League tipster you will always get up to date information. Of course, you can check the website before calling to see which tipsters have updated their tipping line. We recommend you do this to avoid any disappointment.

Why do you ask members to submit their phonenumber?
Firstly you should be aware that if you do choose to supply your phonenumber:
1) It will NOT be used to market products/services to you
2) It will NOT be given to a third party
3) You will NOT be contacted on your phonenumber unless we need to notify you of winning a prize and we can't contact you via email.

The reason we ask you to leave your number is so that we can keep an eye on things behind the scenes, spot usage trends etc and aim to use this information to enhance the service we offer you.

Additional Info:

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