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(90 Days)
1. Westip   3297 2% 19 37% 80.08
2. -Maestro-   282 26% 20 22% 73.97
3. -Freshers-   40 101% 5 37% 40.35
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About was officially launched in Januray 2005. There are two specific goals that underly the Tipping League concept.

  1. Help horse racing enthusiasts find good, successful horse racing tipsters.
  2. Enable horse racing experts to exploit their knowledge and judgement of horse racing through the provision of a paid tipping service.

Being independent enables Tipping League to present accurate facts about each tipster that quickly determine whether or not a tipster is successful at picking winners.

Every day we receive tips from all registered tipsters and log them. We then enable our users to delve into the historical records of each tipster. By providing such a transparent service all horse racing enthusisats can be confident that they know just what to expect before calling any tipping line.

Naturally this means our tipsters have to be good, in fact they have to be very good. We will show the public exactly how they are performing, poor performance will mean nobody will want their tips!

However, for those tipsters that are genuinely skilled at picking winning horses, they will find our service allows them to establish a very loyal user base. Our members are able to see they consistently perform well and will therefore be more inclined to keep calling their number.

How much does it cost to become a member?
Our aim is to make Tipping League accessible to as many people as possible. There are lots of services that claim to help you win more from horse racing and these fall into 2 categories:
1. Those that work
2. Those that don't work

Naturally you want to try only those services that work. But here's the catch, most services ask you to pay an upfront subscription fee, often a substantial fee. How do you know a tipping service is good without paying the fee?

The beauty of Tipping League is that you can see how successful our tipsters are before paying a penny. What's more, we don't even ask you for a subscription fee to access our tipsters information. You simply research our tipsters, find one (or more) that you are happy with and phone their premium rate number. All calls are charged at 1.50 per minute which is shared between us and the tipsters and goes towards financing this service.

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How much does it cost to become a tipster?
Currently we are accepting tipsters into the league free of charge. We will even setup a telephone tipping service for you free of charge. So whats the catch we hear you ask? You have to be an exceptional tipster! We want to have the best tipsters around in Tipping League and we want to see great level stakes profits. If you can achieve that we want you in the league. click for more

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