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1. -Firenze-   109 55% 8 30% 60.42
2. -Logix-   40 133% 21 20% 53.24
3. Bestbet_Online_Aces   430 6% 13 39% 24.42
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Catalogue of Racing / Betting / Sports Websites

Below we present some websites that may contain some useful information. Tipping League does not endorse or recommend any of the websites linked to below.

The British Horseracing Board
The official website of the British Horseracing Board containing a wide range of information on British racecourses, horse racing tickets, major events, promotions, competitions, betting, race results, racehorse ownership, breeding, careers in racing, sponsorship, news and much more.

The Independent Betting Arbitration Service (IBAS) is an authoritative, totally independent third party offering effective dispute resolution procedures.

Racing Index
Covering just about everything related to horse racing, Racing Index is well worth a visit for all horse racing enthusiasts.

UK Horse Racing
Exceptional ratings from UK Horse Racing which we believe are amongst the best available anywhere on the internet.

Inside Track Racing Club
The aim of Inside Track Racing Club is to have horses in training throughout the year and to provide the fun and enjoyment of race horse ownership at a reasonable cost.

Additional Info:

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