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1. -Firenze-   109 55% 8 30% 60.42
2. -Logix-   40 133% 21 20% 53.24
3. Bestbet_Online_Aces   430 6% 13 39% 24.42
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"I only started posting tips on tipping league in July and it's great to see your league position every day. I love the competition with other tipsters. I also love the fact that there are no hidden losses, or exaggerated claims of fantastic profits, which incidentally, I have been the victim of in the past when I followed the advice of so-called professional tipsters, only to end up with an empty wallet! Keep up the good work!"

Better Bet
"An excellent site run in an open and honest way. I'd like to see some of the 'national' tipsters proving themselves in the open on here! Keep it up guys! "

Magnet Racing
"I am sure that the top three or four tipsters on the site are far superior to some of the nationally advertised high profile tipsters, who wont publish their full records basically because they don't make a long term profit. I am very much in favour of the ethical approach taken by your site, and I hope the venture goes from strength to strength and promotes the virtue of transparency rather than the outlandish claims of some of the so called 'Professional' services on the market."

Top of the Class
"I must congratulate you on a really good website and i have enjoyed posting my selections and then seeing my position the next day."

Miss Right
"We at Miss Right began with Tipping League in March. We recently had to stop giving tips due to various circumstances. We always enjoyed Tipping League and information we could get from the website. Any questions we had were answered from the Tipping League team who were always helpful and polite.

If you want to try your hand at being a tipster,then we think the best place to start is Tipping League. The site is continually trying to offer more and with their help,you too could soon call yourself a tipster.

In fact,we enjoyed Tipping League so much, We are coming back on Monday 27th June."

Taffy Tips
"Keep up the good work, I enjoy the competitive nature of League Tables - they don't lie."


"Absolutely excellent. Only wish you could get the previous days results on the next day."
In response to this comment we decided it would be great to make results available - see here

"excellent visible source of the most successful tipsters"

"simple, effective, informative"

"I like Tipping League because it gives me betting help and produces more winners for me."

If you have anything to say about the Tipping League, then please write your comments and name in the box below:


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