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Tips ROI
Points Profit
(90 Days)
1. Diablo Racing   827 30% 24 26% 250.3
2. Westip   5797 3% 14 39% 161.82
3. -Umbrella-   246 23% 16 31% 57.63
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Terms and Conditions of Use of Website and Tipster Lines

By using the website and any of the information or services contained within the website you are agreeing to abide to all the Terms and Conditions as laid out below. If you do not agree with anything listed below you should NOT use the website or any of the information or services displayed.

DEFINITIONS is an internet website wholly owned, managed and maintained by The Matren Ltd, whose registered office is located at - Grenville Court, Britwell Road, Burnham, Bucks, SL1 8DF - and shall be referred to from herein as TLC.

Tipster is defined as any person who has entered into a relationship with TLC to have a Premium Rate Tipping Phone Line facility set-up on their behalf. Neither TLC or its staff are directly involved in providing racing tipping information that appears on the phone lines or the website, we simply manage the flow of information supplied by third party tipsters and report on their tip success rates.

In order to use any of the TLC services or information, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
You agree to access and use any of the TLC services or information only for lawful purposes.
Your use of TLC information and services is at your own risk

The tipping lines will be updated once, daily by 11:00am at the latest, on the day of a race meeting, and will carry tipping suggestions only for the current days racing. It will be clearly stated on the TLC website next to each tipping line phone number, whether current days tipping suggestions have been uploaded. The call cost will be clearly displayed for each tipping line, and this cost may vary depending on the quality and quantity of tips supplied, - statistical analysis of each tipster's success rate is displayed within the TLC website. Always check with the website to see the current form of each tipster, the current call cost, and which type of race, horse or track they are strongest at tipping on.

Last minute factors such as weather, and jockey changes can often make a huge difference in whether or not to back a horse, so bear in mind certain factors may not have been take into account by a tipster, certainly if they have occurred after the lines have been updated.

As with any 'Tipping Service' past performance is no guide to future performance, and all racing tips must be considered as an opinion not a fact. TLC cannot be held responsible for any financial losses that may occur as a result of using any of its websites, information or tipster services.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the services and information are not disrupted and are error-free, neither TLC, its directors, employees, agents or affiliates warrant that its services or information will be error free or uninterrupted. Further, there is no warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or content of any information provided, displayed or communicated within the TLC website or on the Premium Rate Phone Tipping Lines referred to within the website.

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