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1. GG Trainer Form 12 338% 4 25% 40.5
2. BetRacingNation - Bill... 32 97% 19 6% 31.09
3. Five 2 Ten Racing   142 16% 39 7% 23.05
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Tipping League > Horse Racing > Horse Racing Tipsters > Longshots Profile : Back Tips | Lay Tips

Profile of Longshots

To show the Betfair SP results choose the 'advanced filters then longest prices from dropdown menu. finally sort on Betfair prices to reveal the enormous profits achieved by the longshots tips.

I have shown a few here for comparison ie by using the Betfair SP you will make a lot more money than the Tipping League tables show:

Benefficient (IRE) Betfair SP 189.03 (T.L. price 50.0)

Station Lane Betfair SP 86.88 (T.L. price 56.0)

Ifyousayso Betfair SP 50.00 (T.L. price 22.75)

Longshots system where big priced winners produce a profit in the medium to long term.

Large number of selections should be backed at small stakes

Access Tips For Longshots

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Sorry, Longshots has no tips available yet.

Ask Longshots a Question

If you would like to put a question to the team behind Longshots please complete the form on our contact page. We can't guarantee they'll answer, but there is one way to find out. When completing the contact form please make sure you state that you'd like to put your question to Longshots.

Additional Info:

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