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Tipping League > Horse Racing > Horse Racing Tipsters > Simple Software Racing Profile : Back Tips | Lay Tips

Profile of Simple Software Racing

(Written on 12th June 2006)

About Simple Software Racing

Simple Software is run by Mick Johnson who has been writing and marketing software for 17 years and racing software for 12. He has retired from main stream Computer Consultancy/Training and now just looks after the racing part of his business.

Mick got the bug as a student in the 60s, using the university mainframe to assess one race a year (The Lincoln, first of the flat) with impressive results (1969 - Frankinsense at 100/8 1st, 100/8 2nd, 25/1 3rd).

Simple Software host their own web servers, use 5 Sun Sparcs running Oracle and two Windows Servers to process the results and look for those elusive patterns. There are more than 100,000 races on file now being assessed 24 hours a day. Standard time and course coefficients are re-calculated daily.

Tipping Experience

Simple Software Racing started their own tipping service in April 2003, honing and modifying the program continuously, and getting better at it. The program produces a lot more tips but only 3 or 4 of these are provided daily.

Best Betting Result

One Simple Software Racing's tipping customers won £34,528.46 on Sat 10th January 2004 doing a multiple. Mick had a very good day as well getting 11/2, 6/1, 6/1, 20/1 winners out of 5 races. Betfair gave him much better odds including 40/1 for the 20/1 winner.

The best number of winners in a row was 10.

Worst Betting Result

None than Mick can remember other than the occasional 3 or 4 days with out a winner. The program doesn't like changeable weather and the resultant unpredictable change in the going.

Interesting Betting Tales

A neighbour was going to an evening race meeting and asked for a few tips before they went. Mick produced a document for that evening stressing that the horses listed were CAPABLE of winning, not that they were guaranteed. He will not normally tip every race.

Of the seven races tipped, there was one non runner. All the rest won. The one non runner, they chose the next horse listed in the ratings, and that won too! They gave Mick £20 the next morning as 'thanks'!

Favourite Course

None really. The program changes its calculations in response to its performance. Courses go in and out of favour. Although, Bumper races are a waste of time.

Top Tip

Bet to level stakes using Betfair, and push for better odds whenever you can. Don't just accept what is available.

Racing Contacts

Apart for a few local onwers who give out one or two snippets occasionally (usually quite useless!), none.

Access Tips For Simple Software Racing

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Sorry, Simple Software Racing has no tips available yet.

Ask Simple Software Racing a Question

If you would like to put a question to the team behind Simple Software Racing please complete the form on our contact page. We can't guarantee they'll answer, but there is one way to find out. When completing the contact form please make sure you state that you'd like to put your question to Simple Software Racing.

Additional Info:

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