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Tipping League > Horse Racing > Horse Racing Tipsters > AimToWin Profile : Back Tips | Lay Tips

Profile of AimToWin

(Written on 4th April 2006)

About AimToWin

I am a 40 year old male who has never worked within racing, except as a bookie. In that time I learn't a lot about how people bet, and how patience always pay. My tipping service mainly specialises in flat horse racing.

Becoming a Tipster

I got into tipping after a suggestion from my brother. Whenever I follow him into a bookies, I seem to be able to pick a winner from just going down the index of daily runners. As a rule I never look at the price of a horse, as it is just another person's opinion.

I have been tipping professionally for over a year. I do much better in the summer, as flat racing during the winter is of poor quality.

Best Bet

I once had a 25/1 winner in a group race, the ground was heavy, and I knew this horse had liked it before.

Worst Result

Once i have made my selections I try to avoid other opinions as they can easily put you off winners. I once had 4 tips in one day and did a lucky 15 bet. One was 3/1 which I thought was too short, so I changed the selection. All four original selections came in, but the one I had put in at a better price lost. I managed to turn £2000 into £150 with that one decision. Not one of my best.

Favourite Race Meeting

My favorite race meeting has to be Cheltenham, mainly as it goes on for 4 days and is quality from start to finish.

Top Tip

The best advice I can give anyone looking for a winner is never look at the price. Winning a pound is better than losing five.

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